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Some people are interested in sports. Others are intrigued by religion - or politics or celebraties, music, even a few obsessed with gambling. But everybody is interested in sex! One of the strangest things is how many people pretend not to be interested. It just goes to show how strong shame and hypocrisy are in the American psyche especially the Christian psyche.

And the media is utterly intoxicated with all things sexual.

Sexual interests doesn't stop because a person is imprisoned. This department is not about normal and consensual sex, only about the widespread incidence of rape in prison. Since most prisoners are men, that generally means homosexual rape. The rapists are sometimes other prisoners. It's almost as likely for the rapist to be a member of the prison staff. Staff rapists are almost never punished, just fired. Staff crimes are covered-up by officials. At the guards' so-called training academy in Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania, guards had a regular rape/sex ring where "trustees" were sexually assaulted. When prisoners complained, they were punished. When questioned, administrators hid behind the cover-story that the victims of the sexual assaults hadn't properly filed the useless institutional grievances. The guards involved are still abusing helpless prisoners.

Besides prison rape, this department contains articles about sexual crimes. Thanks to the Christian crazies who were and are so influential in this country, America has criminalized more sexual conduct than any other Western nation. It's a neurosis. As a result, there are a lot of "sexual offenses." We are interested in only the more absurd and abusive, especially those by officials.

There are thousands of stories. We've tried to keep our collection brief and interesting. Do you have any additions you'd like us to add?

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